Tuesday, March 1

Magical Mushroom Pie

~ in my kitchen

I’ve spent a long time dreaming about making this mushroom pie. The thing that stopped me was the weevils that invaded the kitchen. Eating grubs is defiantly not vegan! So after clearing out the old, and stacking up with the new:  I finally made my magical mushroom pie!


* button mushrooms, sliced
* 50g dried shitake mushrooms (that I   soaked for a good half hour
* ½ a cup rose wine (or a dry white, but I   had a rose in the  
   fridge that needed to be used!)
* 3 cloves garlic, dice
* 1 cube vegetable stock (dissolved in I cup of     hot water)
* 3 tsp tapioca flower
* ¼ cup soy cream
* 1 large Spanish onion, diced
* Olive oil
    * 1 ½ cups whole meal flour
    * 2 Tbsp vegan olive oil butter
    * ¾ cup water
    * 2 tsp dried thyme

    First things first, I preheated the oven to 180˚C. I sautéed the spanish onion for 3-4 minutes in olive oil before adding the diced garlic. Then I added the mushrooms which I left to brown before adding the wine. I left the mushrooms to simmer for a good 8 minutes before adding the vegetable stock and tapioca flour. The sauce thickened after another minutes 10 of simmering.
    While the mushrooms thickened, I prepared the pastry. I rubbed olive butter into flour until it came to a bread-crumb-like consistency. Then I added the dried thyme before stirring in water. 

    Please don’t add all the water at once, you 't want the pastry to stay dry! I rolled the pastry as thin as possible without tearing. Then I cut the pastry into two halves (one significantly smaller than the other: the lid!)

    After lining my baking tray with the pastry I used a fork to create little air holes in the base. By this time the mushroom filling had cooled down. I stirred through some soy cream, salt and pepper to taste;  before pouring the delicious filling onto the pastry. I sealed off the pie and rolled the excess pastry into a crust!

    I baked the pie for a good 25 minutes, letting it cool down before serving it with blanched spinach!!

    Viola! The magical mushroom pie! It’s very simple to make and extremely delicious !

    I love home made pastry and am itching to make another pie… What filling do YOU think would make an excellent pie?
    Xx Yas


    Sarah Elizabeth said...

    Looks great!!

    I love making my own pastry too -we have a family favourite of spinach and/or silver beet pie which I learnt from my Greek grandmother I just minus the feta cheese, and use plain flour as an egg substitute)

    I made your heavenly Avocado chocolate 'cheese' cake on Friday and it was a big hit! The base is just incredible too, I'm going to try and make another cake that incorporates your base recipe! Hope to see you at another casting xx

    purplegrape. said...

    hey Sarah!

    I'm so happy that it was such a hit! I feel so proud when non vegans love a vegan cake without the stigmatizing. Let me know how you incorporate the base into something new, it sounds interesting!

    mmmmm.. silverbeet pie... sounds like heaven

    see you around at castings ;) Xx

    JL goes Vegan said...

    Wow. I don't make pies, ever, but I've bookmarked this recipe. It looks delicious!

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