Thursday, January 20


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A few days ago I landed in one of my favorite places: Perth, Western Australia. My friends and I had planed a road trip up to Coral Bay. But alas the floods in Australia are not only in Queensland and Victoria but also in Canarvon: which means that we changed our plans. For those of you not familiar with the floods in Australia, 3/4 of Queensland is under water. That's a landmass bigger than France and Germany put together. It's a total nightmare.

As you can imagine, there have been people and many MANY homes lost to these floods. To help overcome this tragedy flood relief benefits including performances by Missy Higgins and rumors of a show by Midnight Oil are popping up everywhere to raise money for those in need.

But...I've also been thinking about the animals and how tragic this must be for Australian wildlife and  farm animals. In the news I've been reading about joeys that have been washed out of their mothers pouches and other struggling wildlife. We are amid spring summer baby season so many of the young are being abandoned by mothers  too weak to look after them. If you have anything to give or are in the Queensland area the Wild Lifes Welfare Care are desperately looking for help: EMAIL HERE (

Other important info that I found:


THIS page lists animal groups dedicated to reuniting pets with their owners.

Best friends Animal Rescue is calling all pet owners who are struggling to look after their pets as they deal with losing thier homes and belongings. They beg people not to abandon their animals and to seek help.

Donating to the RSPCA - the QLD RSPCA shelter was washed away and they are now collecting donations to rebuild.

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