Tuesday, November 16


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Just saw this post on my agencies blog! The guys at CHIC are awsome! They are very awear of important issues surrounding animals and always supporting a good cause. Love you guys!! and well done boys!

this is what they have....

Grab a copy of the 2011 Peter Alexander & RSPCA Calendar and Peter will give 100% of the proceeds (excluding GST) to the RSPCA. Everyone involved in the making of this calendar, generously gave their time and expertise for free, for this very worthy cause.

So check out our hot boys with cute dogs from the RSPCA's animal shelters, and help give back to the animal community!

Click here to purchase one now from worldforpets.com.au


Andrea.RL said...

My cousins are here from the states and have lots of dogs. They keep showing me pictures of them and seeing these too, makes me want to adopt a dog!!

jowdjbrown said...

It's a nice balance between spicy and sweet, and I can't imagine serving a hot dog without it and a side of creamy cole slaw. Dressed with my Mom's delicious cole slaw dressing, of course! Lej en pølsevogn

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