Monday, March 21

GREENHOUSE BY JOOST - sustainably chic

~ Sustainable Luxury ,Sydney Harbor

Covered from head to foot in strawberry plants and herbs Greenhouse By Joost. is an instillation was created and designed by Joost Bakker.   More so a piece of art, this restaurant (a float) is constructed entirely out of recycled, renewable resources. What more? It is entirely self sustainable! On the weekend I pleasure to  meet Joost and experience his flamboyant restaurant.

For as long as he can remember Joost has been driven by reconstructing waste and throw away goods. This Restaurant, albeit quirky, defiantly does not resemble the throw away materials of modern society; it is ultra cool and beautiful!

Tuesday, March 15

SPOT FEST: Australian Food and Film Festival

~Eating on the Red carpet~ The spot

Sunday was the Randwick Spot Festival: celebrating the Australian Film and Food Festival at The Ritz. I spent the afternoon soaking up the festive atmosphere, indulging in a delicious spinach and mushroom gozleme and strolling the carpet. There was market stalls, live music, dance performances and of course lots of food. I pick up a stronger emphasis on organic foods: choosing to dine at the Organic Gozleme tent. The lovely Turkish ladies were kneading and cooking up a storm right before our eyes!

Friday, March 11


~Mardi Gras, Sydney Australia 

Last weekend I watched of the  fabulous   Mardi Gras street parade. Although I'm not gay, it was thrilling to see the colors and feel the atmosphere and passion. To me Mardi Gras celebrates much more than freedom of sexuality: it celebrates a freedom to express and the freedom to be who ever the hell you feel like being! To my delight there was a Queer Animal Liberation Float  and a truly inspirational float labeled The World's Our Stage.

Friday, March 4

WILDLIFE FOR ART - Sarah Menzies

~Artists passion, Animal Compassion

So I've been aware of Sarah Menzies work for quite a while, and I haven't done a blog post on her yet! Shame on me!! Sarah combines her passion for art with her compassion for animal rights. She has an online store where you can purchase her work and 25-70% is donated to a specific animal charity.

Tuesday, March 1

Magical Mushroom Pie

~ in my kitchen

I’ve spent a long time dreaming about making this mushroom pie. The thing that stopped me was the weevils that invaded the kitchen. Eating grubs is defiantly not vegan! So after clearing out the old, and stacking up with the new:  I finally made my magical mushroom pie!


* button mushrooms, sliced
* 50g dried shitake mushrooms (that I   soaked for a good half hour
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