Friday, October 14

Vud, Shel Bee & Nedsnotdead – ALL THAT MATTERS :D

What do you get when you mix a dash of retro 60s pop, Scandinavian beats and The Chainsmokers?! You get this new awesome song from producer David 'Vud' Martensson, artist Shel Bee and Ned Albright, called All That Matters! It's been on repeat since it came out a couple of days ago.

It starts out with a lonely guitar that is accompanied by Shel Bee's beautiful and tranquil voice along with chill, interesting drums, almost like a heart beat. The chorus is amazing and makes you wanna sing-along, even after the song is over. And how I love that 'hi hi hi hi'-part!!!! <3 font="">

You have to listen to this song now! 

Sunday, July 3


Lady Gaga? Hussein Chalayan? the late Alexander McQueen?... 
The ocean inspires  more than fashion and art.

WASHED UP is an instillation by Selfridges to raise awareness of the dangers faced by our oceans. Inspired by coral confiscated from illegal trade, this beautifully crafted story is made of exquisite aquatic dresses,  intoxicating neo colors and bedazzled headpieces.

Friday, April 29


~ Running around town, Sydney's Model Mayhem

So for those of you living in Sydney, you will be well aware that next week is Rosemount fashion week. This means a lot of running around for everyone: models, designers, casting directors and stylists included! This post is dedicated to my favorite spots to rest, revive and survive!

It's uber important to stay in shape over fashion week, but it's also a very difficult time to look after yourself. When I am doing fashion week the biggest challenge is not staying thin; it is staying healthy. Running between castings, fittings, and  hair or make up trials makes forgetting to eat all too easy. Another challenge is finding a place that serves vegan meals when you are on a tight schedule!  

Above: fellow veggie model: Sharah Elizabeth 
Vosper who blogs at Borrowed Jewel (Pricillas)

Wednesday, April 27


~ Browsing the Net, Cyberspace

"A Southampton University team found those who were vegetarian by 30 had recorded five IQ points more on average at the age of 10."

Now, I don't usually do these types of posts. Since I don't believe in putting down non-vegetarians,  but I could not help sharing this article with you in spirit of celebrating those that are veggie's!!! Anyway, take it how you want! Most likely with a grain of salt.

Friday, April 22


~ Fun Fearless Female, Annalise Braakensiek

Last week I had the utmost pleasure of a lunch date with Annalise Braakensiek!
This stunning superwoman has been an animal activist for as long as she can remember. Having grown up in Byron on a vegan diet, done multiple campaigns for PETA (The Naked Truth About Sheep Export, Save My Sheep)  and worked alongside Cleo Magazine campaigning to stop live sheep exports.

Her heart is defiantly in the right place! As well as being a model and actress, this beauty is a vegetarian cook and lingerie designer!!

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