Thursday, December 23


Location: browsing the net

Natalie Portman is awsome. I've always known that she is a Vegan, but as I was browsing the net I discovered that she convinced fashion house Dior to design vegan shoes for her Dior beauty endorsement!!  Read more HERE. Admittedly, the shoes are only for Natalie and will not be produced commercially but I really admire her stance! If your after vegan shoes Natalie has actually designed her own line of luxury vegan shoes!!

Tuesday, December 21


Location: Yum Cha, Chinatown Sydney

black sesame buns, veggie dumplings and fried gluttonous veggie rice rolls

fried red bean dumplings
I agree with all those vegans who say that Asian restaurants are a great place to find vegan food. Admittedly you often have to avert your attention from the occasional chicken feet and pork belly… But there are a lot of good veggie options and usually they are quite healthy too! I often aim for an Asian restaurant when I go out with my non veggie friends (Good vegetarian restaurants are far and between in Sydney…. Okay so they have a few: but I’m not the type of person who can visit the same restaurant every week.)

Friday, December 17

VEGAN PROFILE: Fashion Designer - Bri Cheeseman

Location: Inside Bri's world.

Bri of Secret Squirrel

The beautiful lady in the picture above is Bri Cheeseman: the designer and driving force behind the label Secret Squirrel. I have a few Secret Squirrel pieces in my wardrobe including a beautiful pleated black skirt and a bedazzled cardigan which I absolutely adore! So I was excited to book their A/W2011 shoot! But what thrilled me the most was when I learnt that Bri is a die hard vegan!!! On the day of the photo shoot she went all out and prepared a delicious vegan lunch for everyone!! The entire crew ate vegan including different types of nutty and grainy breads, varieties of hummus, baba ganoush, tofu steaks, mushrooms etc… SERIOUSLY the works!! Oh and vegan cake for dessert! Everyone who worked on the shoot could not believe how delicious veganism can be and was so impressed by the food.

I also managed to persuade Bri into giving an interview and took a few snap shots of some of her cute pieces!!

Wednesday, December 15


Location: ZanitaZanita's blog

Zanita is a stunning fellow model who is also a budding photographer. I met up with Zanita last week and she took me through her expiriences in beccoming a successful blogger while giving me a few pointers. We snuck outside and took a few snap shots which turned into these amazingly beautiful shots! I know this post has nothing to do with animal wealfare or being vegan but I just had to share her magic! Zanita is deffinatly one to watch out for! Not only is she oh-so talented, but she is also very sweet.

Monday, December 13

VEGAN PROFILE: Marathon runner Tiffany Guerra!

Location: Inside Tiffany's head, Los Angeles

San Francisco: Coming into Aid Station 7 at mile 30.4

Here is another post for the Green Your Plate blogging carnival! I would like to introduce you to Tiffany Guerra. This amazing woman loves to run 50k marathons! Proving that you can be in an ultra impressive physical shape while living on a vegan diet (not that there should be any doubt about this in the first place!).

Here is a little bit more about this power woman....

Saturday, December 11


Location: Long Grain, Sydney

Okay, I admit it!! I am a bit of a food whore. I want to eat something different every night! I get bored if I don’t move around enough. So being veggie is a bit tricky since there are not so many vegetarian restaurants in Sydney…. To overcome this, I always pick out the veggie options at non vegetarian places. In fact, I get a little thrill from hassling the wait staff to tailor a veggie meal that isn’t specifically on the menu… shame on me! A great place to find vegan food is at thai restaurants! You just have to be careful of shrimp paste and fish sauce.

Last night I went to Long Grain one of Sydney’s tastiest fusion thai restaurants. They do not have many Vegetarian options but the ones they do have are unbelievable. We ate the Vegetarian version of the beetle leaf entrĂ©e (a delicious mix of green papaya, coriander, kefir lime, coriander, peanuts and coconut wrapped in a beetle leaf). We also had a green vegetarian curry and a bamboo shoot and silken tofu tomato salad. You have a choice of white and brown rice (I choose the brown rice of course). I couldn’t decide which was more delicious; the beetle leaves or the bamboo salad.

Thursday, December 9


Location: My Kitchen

Recently a good friend of mine cooked the most delicious artichokes. Now I have been going artichoke crazy!! Here is what I made for dinner:
* Artichokes
* Kidney Bean and eggplant chili ratatouille with black quinoa

Tuesday, December 7

VEGETARIAN PROFILE: stunning frenchy Andrea - fellow blogger/fashion student

Location: Inside Andrea's head, Paris

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Andrea! She is a fellow blogger Living in Paris, France. Not only does she have with AWSOME style (pictured above in an all vegan outfit, inspired by the Dries Van Noten a/w collection) but she is also a stunning french veggie!!

This is what goes on in her head....

It all started the day my sister told me that cheese contained rennet. I didnt believe her at first, thinking she must have gotten the definition of rennet wrong… ^_^’ So I went online and did some research. Not only was it true, but I also found out what gelatin was made of, how they take chickens’ beaks off and how they dont care about sheep when they shave off their wool, often blinding them. I think its kind of heart breaking. I love animals, I’ve had many though out the years, and if ever something like that happened to one of them… So I decided to become vegetarian !

Saturday, December 4


The weather in Sydney is so frustrating! It’s driving me crazy! Yesterday was such a beautiful day (when I had to work) yet today, on my day off, it is miserable and over cast! A lot of people say that this unpredictable weather in Sydney (and all over the world) is due to climate change. Whether or not this is exactly true... we all know for sure that climate change is a huge concern!

This December more that 190 government delegations will gather in Cancun, Mexico to discuss climate change. I’ve been invited by Patty from ALV to join the Green Your Plate blogging carnival! This carnival aim’s to raise awareness of the huge impact the meat industry has on climate change.

Wednesday, December 1


Location: Hunting for vegan options, Eastgardens Westfield


For some reason, people seem to think that finding convenience foods when you’re out and about is tricky for a vegan. Yesterday I went to Eastgardens Westfield and scoured the food court to dispel this myth! I choose Eastgardens because it isn’t a particularly hoity toity shopping center and does not go out of it’s way to accommodate vegans. Not only was there was an abundance of options, but the veggie food was of similar price (if not cheaper) than the meat options! To top things off Tunc Bolluk from Kebab Time gave me a delicious Falafel wrap on the house!! Thank you Tunc! You are awesome!
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