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GREENHOUSE BY JOOST - sustainably chic

~ Sustainable Luxury ,Sydney Harbor

Covered from head to foot in strawberry plants and herbs Greenhouse By Joost. is an instillation was created and designed by Joost Bakker.   More so a piece of art, this restaurant (a float) is constructed entirely out of recycled, renewable resources. What more? It is entirely self sustainable! On the weekend I pleasure to  meet Joost and experience his flamboyant restaurant.

For as long as he can remember Joost has been driven by reconstructing waste and throw away goods. This Restaurant, albeit quirky, defiantly does not resemble the throw away materials of modern society; it is ultra cool and beautiful!

 One of the reasons I try my darn hardest to be vegan is to dramatically reduces my carbon foot print, So this restaurant is right down my alley. There are also many vegetarian/vegan options.  Joost was very welcoming,  taking the time to sit down and share his philosophy on recycling, sustainability and his quest for a healthier society.

Driven by the desire to create a restaurant which produces ZERO waste, all waste generated by Greenhouse is recycled into a renewable recourse. Left overs including plantation timber cutlery and unbleached baking paper are all composted. The compost fertilizes the fresh ingredients that decorate the roof top bar! While all ingredients are organic, they are also locally produced. Grains from local farmers are freshly milled into flour on the day, oranges freshly squeezed for cocktails and oats rolled right before your eyes!

Joost milling his own flour
 Joost Believes that people have lost touch with the things they consume, feeling that it is time for people to be reminded of the source.  He deems the typical Mcdonaldization (minimizing cost, maximizing profits) philosophy that dominates business mentalities needs to be rethought to fit the needs of modern society: both for the health of the people and the health of the planet.  

This instillation leaves Sydney at the end of the month, so I definitely recommend you check it out! There are long queues early in the evening, but the restaurant stays open till midnight and the line dwindles around 9:30pm.

Some snapshots from the night
Xx Yas

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Kara said...

oh I missed out. But there is a permanent restaurant for those who live in Perth!

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