Friday, March 4

WILDLIFE FOR ART - Sarah Menzies

~Artists passion, Animal Compassion

So I've been aware of Sarah Menzies work for quite a while, and I haven't done a blog post on her yet! Shame on me!! Sarah combines her passion for art with her compassion for animal rights. She has an online store where you can purchase her work and 25-70% is donated to a specific animal charity.

Check out her page HERE

Sarah Menzies Bio

Sarah Menzies was born in Sydney, Australia to English parents. From the earliest age she loved to draw - and the most common thing she drew were cats! Art was a big part of her life, although the first job she wanted to do in life was to work with animals. She went on to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Western Sydney and then a Bachelor of Teaching. She has worked in many different forums - she is an artist, a teacher, an animal lover, an animal rights advocate and activist and she often does volunteer work with animals.

Sarah is proudly associated with many different animal rights and conservation organizations including The Born Free Foundation, Animal Welfare LeagueAfrican Lion & Environmental Research TrustAnimals AustraliaWWFCheetah Conservation FundLiving With LionsCat Protection Society and N/a'an ku se Wildlife Sanctuary. Her main passions are supporting animal rights, stopping exotic animal circuses and cruelty to animals, and conservation.

Sarah resides in Sydney with her partner Dan and her gorgeous cat Bosco.

This girl is wonderfull!!!
Xx Yas


Anna Spencer said...

I didn't know Sarah had so many talents! My Dad just purchased some of her exquisite cards for me. These I can highly recommend!

Anna B. said...

She sounds lovely!
thanks for sharing


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