Sunday, November 28


Location: Frolicking in Hyde Park, Sydney


Okay, So recently a friend of mine questioned my opinion of mock meat and fake leather. This is a tricky subject and I feel like there is no right or wrong answer to this question.

On the one hand, people think that ‘mock’ products are as bad as the real thing because you are sending out a message that the item (whether it be the ‘look’ or the flavor) is desirable. On the other hand why shouldn’t we eat or wear something we like the look or taste of…  so long as there has been no suffering?

Friday, November 26


Location: Cat Protection Society, NSW Sydney

In this post I want to share with you some of the beautiful kitties up for adoption at the Cat Protection Society. It’s mostly a picture post because I feel like the cats speak for themselves!

Monday, November 22


Location: Cat Protection Society, Sydney

I want to dedicate this post to my beautiful kitten Sooki who was sadly hit by a car more than a year ago. I was also unlucky enough to loose all of Sooki’s photos because I never used to back up my photo files. Although I can't show you how beautiful she was, I can guarantee that she defiantly had one of the most flamboyant personalities and I miss her dearly. Since, I’ve wanted to adopt another kitten but I’ve been travelling too much that adopting is out of the question.

The Cat Protection Society has a GREAT solution to this problem, foster caring! As the weather warms up and we jump into kitten season, the number of beds at the Cat Protection Society becomes stretched. Foster caring is an ingenious way to keep things running smoothly! AND It lets people like myself have a fluff ball to love, no strings attached!!

Wednesday, November 17


Location: Cat Protection Society, Sydney

Yesterday I had the honour of being shown around the Cat Protection Society in Sydney. Kristina Vesk took time out of her busy day to explain how the organization is run and maintained. The amount of love and affection at the Cat Protection society was overwhelming!

In this blog I want to share with you the dedication that some people give to animals.  So, over the next few weeks I will be writing a few entries about the Cat Protection Society (as the amount of information is too overwhelming for a single post!!).  This post will introduce the society and the infamous Brady bunch that is currently living at the shelter!

Tuesday, November 16


Location: Reblogging, CHIC Managment

Just saw this post on my agencies blog! The guys at CHIC are awsome! They are very awear of important issues surrounding animals and always supporting a good cause. Love you guys!! and well done boys!

this is what they have....

Friday, November 12


  Location: in my heart, Paris

When I was in Norton’s grocery Bondi Jucntion, I found myself reminiscing over the quaint fruit shops in Paris. Then I found myself lusting for the Israeli food in the Marais quarter especially the falafel plates at L’AS DU Fallafel!

I love to grocery shop without a plan and let myself be inspired by the food around me. So I decided I would satisfy my craving! I simply could not resist sharing this meal with you....

Tuesday, November 9


Location: Belmore Park, Haymarket, Sydney

On Sunday I spent the day loitering at the Cruelty Free Festival in Sydney. I spent the day guzzling vegan cheese cakes and raw ginger slices!! I listened to Sandy Tuszynska rave about her love for mangoes and saw some interesting vegan speed dating action! Here are some snaps that I took throughout the day.

Friday, November 5


Location: Night Noodle Market, Sydney

Digging into a fresh Thai Spring Roll

It’s been Sydney Food Festival for the past month! And while there was not any specific vegetarian events (at least that I’m aware of) there was a strong emphasis on ‘green cooking’. Events included the Youth Food Movement, Sustainable Food Adventurers and Food in the Fields (where you pick your own veggie’s in Terara!). Sadly I couldn't make it to any of these events, but I did manage to check out the Night Noodle Market at Hyde Park!

Monday, November 1

VEGETARIAN PROFILE: Jessica Diez – Makeup Artist

Location: Kawa Café, Sydney

Me, Myself with Jessica Diez

Last week I had the up most pleasure of having lunch with gorgeous makeup artist Jessica Diez, I was a bit of a pig and ate the all day ‘big vegan breakfast’ while Jess had avocado and tomato basil toast.
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