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Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Yasmine and I am a fashion model and psychology student. I have been a vegetarian for most of my life and have been tethering on the edge of veganisum for the past 3 years (by tethering, I mean that I try to be as vegan as possible in my given circumstance)

My work as a fashion Model has taken me around the world and introduced me to a wide variety of food and culture. Throughout my travels I’ve had to adapt my diet and      lifestyle to suit my surroundings. This has been both thrilling and exciting, but at times very challenging... Throughout the world I have met some awesome people both in and outside of the fashion industry who have their own unique views on food, fashion and a vegetarian lifestyle.  Meeting these people has inspired me to start this blog so that I can share my experiences and challenges, connect with people who share my interests (fashion, food and most importantly animals!) and write about the wonderful people I meet!

Xx Yasmine

ps: please contact me and suggest how I can make my page more exciting for you!

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