Tuesday, March 15

SPOT FEST: Australian Food and Film Festival

~Eating on the Red carpet~ The spot

Sunday was the Randwick Spot Festival: celebrating the Australian Film and Food Festival at The Ritz. I spent the afternoon soaking up the festive atmosphere, indulging in a delicious spinach and mushroom gozleme and strolling the carpet. There was market stalls, live music, dance performances and of course lots of food. I pick up a stronger emphasis on organic foods: choosing to dine at the Organic Gozleme tent. The lovely Turkish ladies were kneading and cooking up a storm right before our eyes!

The Ritz is defiantly one of my favorite places to watch films. Not only is it much more atmospheric, it's actually cheaper! Tickets are a mere $11-13!  They also have Cheap Tuesdays where tickets are $8 and 3D films only 12$! To top things off, if you  'like' them on Facebook you can watch select films for only $8 any day of the week!! So if you are around Sydney and are searching for a great independent cinema I highly  recommend The Ranwick Ritz.

Where do you usually watch films? What is your favorite 'Festival Food'?

Xx Love Yas xX


Margaret said...

oooh looks like so much fun! and you're looking gorgeous as per always
p.s. have you ever had organic marshmallows? i had some for the first time last week and they are. amazing. xx

purplegrape. said...

no I've never had them!! are they made without gelatin? that would be awsome!

XX Yas

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