Friday, March 11


~Mardi Gras, Sydney Australia 

Last weekend I watched of the  fabulous   Mardi Gras street parade. Although I'm not gay, it was thrilling to see the colors and feel the atmosphere and passion. To me Mardi Gras celebrates much more than freedom of sexuality: it celebrates a freedom to express and the freedom to be who ever the hell you feel like being! To my delight there was a Queer Animal Liberation Float  and a truly inspirational float labeled The World's Our Stage.

The thing that struck me the most about the catch phrase 'the world's our stage', is the suggestion that each and every individual is a voice. It also means that what we do and the choices we make are seen by others and world .

Enough with the philosophy! let us enjoy the snaps  :)

Xx Peace and Love xX

1 comment:

Anna B. said...

I love the snap shots you took! they really show off the mood. Mardi Gras looks like a lot of fun

Anna B.

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