Wednesday, January 12

VEGAN STYLE: # 1 searching for shoes

~Fantasising Shoes

Recently I received a comment from the lovely Kym who asked me about Vegan Shoes.  She gave me the great idea to include some vegan style posts! All these posts will feature clothes from the net (so that everyone has access to them) and will come from a variety of price ranges. Today's focus: SHOES!!

Personally: I like to shop at high street shoe shops which usually ‘tweak’ stylish labels  (some would say rip off is a better word).  These places usually don’t bother to use real leather to cut costs….  BUT these types of shoes can induce stinky, sweaty and sore feet. Not much fun!! So my posts will focus on specialized vegan shoes which aim to minimize not only animal suffering but human suffering too! 

This look really reflects my personal style. I love to team pretty dresses with a bit (or in this case a lot) of pleather! I love the way the two materials contrast each other: one is soft and feminine, the other a bit more fierce and rock 'n roll!

Where to shop:
 Cost: $120

How do you wear your pleather?
 Xx Yas


JL goes Vegan said...

I love Novacas! I have two pairs of their boots. Love!

Anna B said...

Cute post! I agree that pleather can get a bit sweaty.


Roz said...

Those shoes are ADORABLE. And I love that they are pleather! All the best to you, have a great day.

Anonymous said...

love it! Glad to be able to give some inspiration - can't wait for more!

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