Monday, January 10

SYDNEY FESTIVAL: starring animal activist Emmylou Harris

~ Dancing in the streets of Sydney!! 

Saturday night was the opening of the Sydney Festival!! I had an awesome time running around the town, checking out the different flavors of music and dancing like a spring chicken!! We began the night in Hyde Park watching the sensational Imogen Kelly dancing her flamingo burlesque act! The spotlight was almost stolen by a random couple standing in the audience unaware that they were blocking everyone’s view of the stage…. They were oblivious for a good 5 minutes as the crowd screamed for them to sit down!
oblivious couple

Next we migrated to Martin Place and watched Daara J Family. Wow, these guys really had an awesome stage presence!! The crowd was going nuts and the energy was crazy! After checking out the Polynesian dance scene at Chifley Square we headed over to domain to watch the infamous Emmylou Harris & and her Red Dirt Boys. With the knowledge that Emmylou is strongly involved in both animal and human rights, I was super excited to watch  perform. My bestie Tess,  the biggest Dolly Patron fan  was waiting impatiently for Emmylou to rock out Silver Threads and Golden Needles. Sadly she skipped her old hits sticking to her newer ballads….

Next was a night of dancing in coconut juice as shirtless Polynesian boys (with flowers in their hair!!) cut open coconuts, throwing the pieces into the dancing crowd!!!!

Michel Tuffery's light installation

There was not much vegetarian food aside from dim sum but I nibbled (more like scoffed down actually….) on a veggie and roast mushroom wrap with basil pesto sauce.

Wooohooo!!! I may go check out a few of the other acts over the week.
Happy Monday Xxx yas


Roz said...

Hi Yasmine, OMG, soooo jealous of this festival. Looks like a great time. Love the photos too, they're great!!! Have a good week ahead!

Sruthi said...

I came here through a comment you left on my blog. Thanks for stopping by! You have a great blog.

Cassie - Vegan Fox said...

That's awesome that you got to see Emmylou Harris! I had no idea that she was animal rights activist. Honestly, I haven't listened to a lot of her work, but have enjoyed duets she's done with other - such as Neil Young :)

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