Monday, January 24


~ Waking up on the beach at Dawn, Dunsborough 

What do you eat when your a vegan camper? I'm in Perth visiting family and recently went  on  camping style getaway to Margret River and Dunsborough. Of course I was a diligent vegan and forced my friends to eat quinoa... and buy ice for the esky to keep all my veggies.....

My camping specialty was a quinoa risotto that I made using a splash of Howard Park champagne; an attempt to impress my friends Mimi and Mike. I'm thrilled to say that Mimi loves vegan food! We spent the first night at the Gracetown camp site, then slept under the stars at Dunsborough Beach for a couple of nights! Here are few happy snaps :)

I'm sad to say that my camera ran out of battery all to quickly. So I dont have many snaps for show and tell. Being in the beautiful Austrlian bush really took me back a step and made me appreciate the beauty of peace and tranquility: something that I really miss when living in a city.

How do you feel when you leave the city? What quick fix camping food(vegan) do you eat?

Xx Yas

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jj said...

nice photo:)

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