Monday, January 3


Location: Tessa gorging on vegan cheese cake!

 WOAH! What a crazy week of celebrations!! Happy 2011 everyone! Im back from a beautiful holiday in Byron Bay.
I thought I would do a couple of post on this weeks celebratory cooking! I was in charge of deserts and have recently been reading a lot of Angela's vegan blog at Ohsheglows…. I made my own adaptations of her vegan cheese cake and whipped up her delicious Nanaimo slice.

Pomegranate vanilla

These cakes were a huge success and most people who ate them either asked for the recipe or went back for seconds. I attempted to make the Nanaimo slices in the red and green christmas colors using chlorophyll and pomegranate juice as a food coloring (but only the chlorophyll worked).  
Over the next couple of days I will share the cooking process of these yummy vegan cakes. But in this post I want to showcase the tasty vegan food that people made to cater for me over the festive season. I was so flattered at the thoughtfulness and I feel that it is only right to post about it! 
Baked spanish onions and white sweet potatoes
Roast veggie couscous

Buckwheat pancakes with hummus

Delicious berry brandy snaps
Im a bit of a gypsy so I thank everybody who let me be part of their Christmas celebrations! And the efforts made to feed me! How does it make you feel when people cater for your dietary needs? And what is your favorite festive vegan treat?

Xx Yas


A said...

Oh yum!

Roz said...

Happy New Year!!! Hope it's a great one!!

purplegrape. said...

happy new year to you too Roz!


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