Friday, January 28


~ My Beautiful Home, Australia!

Happy Australia Day!!! Yes I know my post is a little belated.... but I've been very busy celebrating!!! To challenge myself, I cooked a huge BBQ style vegan brunch for my family. Instead of the standard Aussie day brunch (sausages, fried eggs and steak burgers) My family ate: home made bread, roast mushrooms, tomatoes, avocado and sauteed spinach. Being at home has made me realize how wonderful and special family is (between the quarreling of course.....).  

So on top of celebrating my beautiful home country this post will celebrate heart warming pieces of my  childhood home! ENJOY :)

Mum (above) and I prepared the bread a day early: using her secret recipe. She also made amazing baba ganoush which she tastefully ate in a zucchini flower!!! Aside from wrangling the milk out of my brothers hands (he did not comprehend the concept 'vegan'...) I had an amazing and delicious Australia Day!
 Xx Yas


Elizabeth A. said...

Everything looks lovely! I wish I could get my family to eat vegan even for a few times a week:(

onceandmore said...

your bbq looks devine. looks like you had a great aussie day!


purplegrape. said...

Thanks guy!!

It's almost impossible to rip my brothers away from their beloved milk!!

Xx yas

Jes said...

gorgeous girl!! xx

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