Saturday, January 22


~  Rescue me Kitty! Perth, Western Australia

I want to write a post on my Dad, whom is a huge cat lover too. My Dad came home from his summer holidays with much more than he bargained for. A cute little fur ball now called Dizzy!! While he was windsurfing up at Coronation Beach he and my brothers noticed a little stray cat that would come looking for food. They started leaving little scraps of food out and became friendly with the stray. Coronation Beach is in the middle of nowhere: there is no running water and no houses for miles -  essentially it's far out in the bush and a very strange place for a stray. After five days of feeding him scraps, a ranger became aware of Dizzy and set up traps to capture him (and put him down). My Dad found out about this and smuggled Dizzy back to Perth!!!!

So now we have a  little fluff ball running around the house!  Dad and I are toilet training him and teaching him house manners! He's also been taken to the vet and cleaned up (including desexing).

Dizzy's stats
  • Male
  • 2 years old
  • Extremely playful
  • Never draws out his claws when playing
  • Needs a lot of attention and affection
  • Is very vocal and likes to interact with humans
  • Does not mind other cats

We're in love with Dizzy but we already have a beautiful tabby called Maui, who is very jealous of the playful fur ball.  So Dizzy will be relocated to my mum's friends home once she gets back from her overseas holiday.

My brother Jonas at Coronation
Where Dizzy was found

Xx Yas


Jes said...

Ohh kudos to your dad for saving dizzy, such a sweet story.


Dizzy Miss Lizzy said...

Ah such a happy story! He is very handsome :)

Autilia Antonucci said...

that picture is superrrrrr cute! x

Autilia Antonucci said...

followin darling x

purplegrape. said...

thanks :)

your blog is so gorgeous!

Sarah Shih said...

that's a lovely story!
i really like your blog, new follower :)

maybe check mine out? i just started last week :)

purplegrape. said...

Hey sarah!

thank you so much for your sweet comment and following me :)

your blog is so cute!

Xx Yas

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