Wednesday, December 15


Location: ZanitaZanita's blog

Zanita is a stunning fellow model who is also a budding photographer. I met up with Zanita last week and she took me through her expiriences in beccoming a successful blogger while giving me a few pointers. We snuck outside and took a few snap shots which turned into these amazingly beautiful shots! I know this post has nothing to do with animal wealfare or being vegan but I just had to share her magic! Zanita is deffinatly one to watch out for! Not only is she oh-so talented, but she is also very sweet.

Thank you so much Zanita!!

dress, Stylestalker
jacket, Topshop
jewellery, Mine :)

Zanita's blog : zanitazanita.

Xx Yas


Anonymous said...

stunning shots! Zanita's work is incredible (and it helps to have such a beautiful subject too)

purplegrape. said...

Thanks for your kind words Fizzel :)

Yes, she truly is incredible!!

Indian Sarees said...

Great designs.. awesome...

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