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VEGETARIAN PROFILE: stunning frenchy Andrea - fellow blogger/fashion student

Location: Inside Andrea's head, Paris

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Andrea! She is a fellow blogger Living in Paris, France. Not only does she have with AWSOME style (pictured above in an all vegan outfit, inspired by the Dries Van Noten a/w collection) but she is also a stunning french veggie!!

This is what goes on in her head....

It all started the day my sister told me that cheese contained rennet. I didnt believe her at first, thinking she must have gotten the definition of rennet wrong… ^_^’ So I went online and did some research. Not only was it true, but I also found out what gelatin was made of, how they take chickens’ beaks off and how they dont care about sheep when they shave off their wool, often blinding them. I think its kind of heart breaking. I love animals, I’ve had many though out the years, and if ever something like that happened to one of them… So I decided to become vegetarian !

Becoming vegetarian for me was pretty easy, I didnt use to eat that much meat before. The real tricky part is the artificial products and co, because there are a lot of hidden ingredients. But once you figure out what you like and which ones dont have any animal ingredients, there’s no real difference with a carnivore (omnivore ?) diet. I love vegetables, fruits and cereals, and have a real sweet tooth, so I usually try mixing up things, trying out vegetables with sweet tasting sauces, or putting fruit in a main dish, at any meal of the day. Making weird concoctions or simply trying new recipes. There are a lot of great sites around (like yours yasmine ) and even iphone apps !

I think the only challenge so far is getting over eating some of my favorite foods, which I found out had hidden rennet in them (nutella… L ). It’s only been a month I’ve started, and I still have a hard time staying away from it. It’s all that is left for me to stop. Advice I’d give is for those things that are hard to give up, just take your time and reduce it progressively. And if ever you do relapse, it’s not a big deal, it can happen. Just think of how long you’ve stayed away from it and just get back on track. You’ll get over the urge after a while, and find great tasting alternatives !

Also my family is non vegetarian, so they don’t make vegetarian food. That doesnt mean I dont follow my own path. I believe in this, and make efforts to dig through my plate to get ride of the meat (when there is any), or make my own meal.

I think that since I started, I have more energy, my skin has more color and a glow. I feel happier, healthier, and better about myself, knowing that I’m doing something right. A plus too, is that since vegetables and fruits are low calorie, I have gotten into shape and get to eat more J This also made me want to invest myself into different causes, I already follow WWF and greenpeace, but I would like to get into some local projects or help associations/shelters.

If you’re still hesitating about becoming vegetarian, I’ll simply add this :

- being vegetarian isnt only a way to show your love for animals and standing up against their murder, it’s ecological too!
- There’s a lot of protein in nuts, chickpeas, beans … you find the same amount of calcium in a portion of brocolis than in 200ml of milk (and there are a lot of fruits and veggies that have calcium too) , and you can take vitamines to get all your b12. Don’t believe what everybody says about vegetarian diets : you can get all you need, even without meat !

- it’s your choice, no one else’s. Follow your own convictions and stand up for your beliefs !
Thank you Andrea! Also Check out her blog: andrea-sa and her  online store


Adrenaline said...

Haha! You're welcome! I'm glad I could help, and can't wait to see the newt posts. It's going to be interesting to read the different stories and views. :)
And thank you (!) for the nice things you wrote.

(ps: I'm going to answer your email, just had internet problems... ^_^')

purplegrape. said...

no, thank you!! you wrote some very interesting things! :)


rose said...

I love your style Andrea! your so chic. I cant believe that nutella has rennit in it :(

Adrenaline said...

Thank you rose! :)
Yes it does, sucks. But i read that there are great hazelnut spreads that are just as good or better, or you can even make your own spread by putting hazelnuts and chocolate in a mixer.

Adrenaline said...

(oh by the way, i just discovered that the ad for givenchy f/w 2009/2010 were taken in this chateau! Still cant believe this was -litteraly- a minute from my house...)

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