Tuesday, December 21


Location: Yum Cha, Chinatown Sydney

black sesame buns, veggie dumplings and fried gluttonous veggie rice rolls

fried red bean dumplings
I agree with all those vegans who say that Asian restaurants are a great place to find vegan food. Admittedly you often have to avert your attention from the occasional chicken feet and pork belly… But there are a lot of good veggie options and usually they are quite healthy too! I often aim for an Asian restaurant when I go out with my non veggie friends (Good vegetarian restaurants are far and between in Sydney…. Okay so they have a few: but I’m not the type of person who can visit the same restaurant every week.)

steamed chinese broccoli with soy sauce
On the weekend I had Yum Cha! Yum Cha (or Dim sum as some people call it) is one of my favorite meals because you taste and try a lot of different dishes. I also love Yum Cha because the food is shared between a group of people and it feels like you are ordering enough food to last the entire week!! I’ll be honest with you, a lot of people freak out when I go out to dinner with them. They think that as a model I would have a food phobia. This was true when I was in Paris (mostly because the French conception of vegetarian did not exist) but this food phobia ain’t no more baby!!

Fried breadstick in thick rice noodles

I’m not saying that I eat everything and anything, but I have learnt that eating fresh and clean foods is very important for me. Rather than eating Indian curries, nachos and toast with peanut butter or jam for every meal, I now eat stir-fry’s, quinoa salads and tom yum soups! I have a lot more energy and never feel like I am depriving myself. This is mostly because these meals actually taste so much BETTER than my old quick fixes! It also means that once or twice a week I am at liberty to eat  anything I feel like!! Bring on the egg free dumplings and veggie fried gluttonous rice rolls!! 

What is your favourite way to spoil yourself? How often do you indulge?
Xx Yas


BlissBeautyLife said...

I'm not a vegan/vegetarian but i do have respect for you guys because it must be hard having to always check everything that you eat.
I love your blog so i followed :D.(also because I saw your comment on my blog) Please check out my new beauty blog i have just started and would appreciated if you followed.
Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Indian Sarees said...

Awesome stuffs..became hungry after seeing these..

Roz said...

LOVE dim sum!! It has things for everyone's taste! All the best for your holiday week!!!

TOPCOAT said...

Dim Sum- Always delish!! xx


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