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Natalie Portman is awsome. I've always known that she is a Vegan, but as I was browsing the net I discovered that she convinced fashion house Dior to design vegan shoes for her Dior beauty endorsement!!  Read more HERE. Admittedly, the shoes are only for Natalie and will not be produced commercially but I really admire her stance! If your after vegan shoes Natalie has actually designed her own line of luxury vegan shoes!!

Portman's sexy vegan shoes

This article made me think about myself as a fashion model...

How do I go about justifying the leather shoes that I wear at shoots and shows everyday? Typically I'm booked for the day and do as I'm told.  I never get the luxury of asking for vegan shoes.  If I were ever in the position to make demands.... vegan shoes would defiantly be on the menu! But for the time being, leather is unavoidable if I want to pay my rent. BUT: my personal style at home is veganistic!

don't go there!
Fur on the other hand is another story. I will NEVER pose with fur. When signing with an agency one of the first things you will do is fill out a form that asks about your hobbies and measurements. There are also a few boxes to cross and tick: nude, semi nude, cigarettes, alcohol and.... fur.

Most of the time clients never really look at the boxes you have ticked. There have been times when I've been asked to wear fur at shows and shoots and they have been totally oblivious to the fact that I strongly believe in animal rights. It is very uncomfortable when I have voice my views. I feel like a squeaky little mouse trying to weasel my way out of trouble... and it can really stuff up a stylists planning. I will be honest with in saying that I have lost potential jobs because of my anti fur stance. But at the end of the day I still need to be comfortable and happy with myself when I leave my job.

When I was younger I would also try and get out of wearing faux fur.... This got me in a little bit of trouble... and really pissed off a few people!  But I've come to realise that most faux fur pieces are labeled and sold as faux. So I've given up and let go of that one!

What are your views on faux fur? Can you spot a difference between the real deal or a fake?

Xx yas


Anonymous said...

Hey yaz
remember I showed you my vegan shoes last time I was in melbs :p
they were macbeths for those guys who want a better shoe option


Anonymous said...

Hey yaz
remember I showed you my vegan shoes last time I was in melbs :p
they were macbeths for those guys who want a better shoe option


purplegrape. said...

Hey Mikey!!

nice to see you on my blog ;) long live those macbeths!!!

<3 Xx Yas

The Ardent Artichoke said...

Hey, found your blog a few weeks ago, I really like your personality, especially how down to earth you are. Not to mention the fact that you're vegan - just like me!

I personally don't like anything that looks like fur... But if someone truly loves the look of fur, it'd be great if they choose to go with faux. Though i'm still a bit uncomfortable with seeing people in fur though, it always looks to me like it's a promotion for fur nonetheless, that usually leads to some veryyy unpleasant images...

purplegrape. said...

I know what you mean!! I don't like wearing faux fur at all for all the reasons you just said. And sometimes when I feel like I can get away with it I will say no. But it's really very tricky as a model...

thanks for stopping by Ardent!

:) xx

Anna B said...

Gah it must be stressfull sometimes! I think there is really fake tacky looking faux fur, but sometimes I cant really tell the difference.

A sad fool who really misses a great lady...... said...

You're right! Never buy leather, because the meat industry subsidizes cheap meat by selling the carcases.

Unfortunately, there's no laws to ensure that animal products are labelled. A shopper doesn't know if a candle or some glue is made from animal fat. Many cheap Chinese toys use CAT FUR! It's not even labelled.

The law must change! At Voiceless in Sydney, we are going to take this issue to the federal Greens.

See this link:

There’s shops selling ladies' vegan leather shoes in Melbourne and Brisbane, like Vegan Wares. I was recently lent a PLEATHER jacket. I'm a very strict vegan again and your blog is an excellent reminder.

You deserve a Dior endorsement just as much as Natalie Portman.

Keep up this great work x

TOPCOAT said...

This is amazing. Good for her! xx

Roz said...

Go Natalie...that's fantastic. And yay you, love your blog!! Have a very happy holiday season!!! (Neva the cat sends her wishes to you too! :) )

Anonymous said...

hey yas, just started reading your blog and find it very inspiring! As a model i was wondering if you've come across any cool stylish vegan shoes. Shoes are my weakness and unfortunately have found none that even compare to all the designer shoes that use leather so far. Any recommendations?

Keep up the good work!

purplegrape. said...

Hey Kym!! Thanks for stopping by on my blog. You've inspired me to do a outfit post on vegan shoes!! I will do one later in the week :)

Xx Yas

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