Thursday, December 9


Location: My Kitchen

Recently a good friend of mine cooked the most delicious artichokes. Now I have been going artichoke crazy!! Here is what I made for dinner:
* Artichokes
* Kidney Bean and eggplant chili ratatouille with black quinoa

The Artichokes I used had there stems cut off (steams are usually the best part besides the heart!) I steamed them for 45 minutes with fresh bay leaves and peppercorns.
Meanwhile I worked on the ratatouille, I sliced up: 3 zucchini
                                                                            an egg plant
                                                                            a Spanish onion
                                                                            5 stalks of celery
                                                                            A handful of broccoli
                                                                            2 bell peppers
                                                                            1 spicy red chili

I threw everything into a large pot and tossed it around the heat with a little sesame oil for about 10 minutes. Then I added: diced tomatoes, tomato juice, kidney beans (yep, from a tin) 3 fresh bay leaves, a splash of soy sauce and pepper. Then I let it stew!

 I rinsed about 5 tablespoons of Black Quinoa which I boiled for 20 minutes with bay leaves, garlic and a splash of soy sauce. I drained the excess water and left the Quinoa to sit on the hot top (with the heat now turned off) whiles the artichokes and ratatouille finished stewing.

My friend made an amazing Green Mango dessert but I was an Idiot and forgot to photograph the dish! Needless to say, It was delicious!


Here is what we ate!
Artichoke with olive oil, balsamic vinegar (cracked pepper and pink sea salt)

Bean and eggplant chili ratatouille with black quinoa

Xx Yasmine


Kris | said...

HI Yasmine!! What a great looking dinner! It was funny, I was just looking at Artichokes at WF's yesterday and had no idea how to prepare them.

I am in love with the bottled ones, but actually wanted to try them fresh! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

I recognize these dishes... glad you remembered. Fresh mint, garlic, and a bit of lemon are also good with the artichokes when steaming.

X, G

purplegrape. said...

mmmm mint and lemon would be good!! :)

I love the bottled ones too kris! Fresh ones are amazing and have a completly different flavour, good luck!


kristin @ the expat diaries said...

Artichokes are amazing...your dinner looks delish! Steamed artichokes were the #1 dinner my little sister and I would beg our Mom for when we were little kids. They're a bit of a process to eat, but worth every bite.

Thanks for the comment on my blog!


Amelia Amuso said...

I grew up on artichokes, as my grandfather often farmed them to sell at the markets in Adelaide. Try stuffing them with bread crums, parmesan and parley. They taste amazing.

purplegrape. said...

oh yumm thats a fantastic idea Amelia!! what would you substitute the parmesan with? maybe garlic?? or would the flavour be too strong?

Xx yas

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