Saturday, December 4


The weather in Sydney is so frustrating! It’s driving me crazy! Yesterday was such a beautiful day (when I had to work) yet today, on my day off, it is miserable and over cast! A lot of people say that this unpredictable weather in Sydney (and all over the world) is due to climate change. Whether or not this is exactly true... we all know for sure that climate change is a huge concern!

This December more that 190 government delegations will gather in Cancun, Mexico to discuss climate change. I’ve been invited by Patty from ALV to join the Green Your Plate blogging carnival! This carnival aim’s to raise awareness of the huge impact the meat industry has on climate change.

A lot of people don’t realise that 18-51% of climate-warming green house gasses can be attributed to the meat industry (source1, souce2). And don’t forget: to produce meat you need to feed and raise the animal before it can feed you! To check out the statistics in more details click HERE. By eating an organic, local plant based diet you can reduce your carbon emissions by up to 94%! Now I admit that eating all organic and local can be way to expensive for some (including myself) but simple things such as cutting out meat and animal products will still make a hug difference.

I believe that EVERY difference is exactly that… a difference! So even if that means cutting down the number of times you eat meat during the week, your difference (in my mind) is very valuable. For my contribution to the COP16 blogging carnival, I’ve asked 6 vegans and vegetarians from all over the world to share their stories! Throughout the month I will be posting their profiles. I’ve scouted a fellow blogger from Paris, an athlete from LA, a vet from Canada, a model and architect from New York and  a long time best friend from Perth! They will share their reasons for becoming veggie and how awesome and fabulous it is to be veggie! (Seriously… it’s fun!!)

Till then,

Off to make to most of the over cast day J

Xx Yas


Ali Dark said...

Hi Yasmine

It's always interesting to know how small changes can have a huge impact. Here's a link to an email another friend of mine, Raam Dev, created with the help of over 40 bloggers... .. including yours truly.

Lookfoward to hearing more from you and your friends.

It IS fabulous to be veggie. PS - I'm looking for participants for If you'd like to join the team let me know.

purplegrape. said...

Thanks Ali for sharing that link!!

veg coach is a fantastic site :)


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