Tuesday, November 9


Location: Belmore Park, Haymarket, Sydney

On Sunday I spent the day loitering at the Cruelty Free Festival in Sydney. I spent the day guzzling vegan cheese cakes and raw ginger slices!! I listened to Sandy Tuszynska rave about her love for mangoes and saw some interesting vegan speed dating action! Here are some snaps that I took throughout the day.

Below are some delicious sweets made by Georgie Cambell who runs Addiction Food and creates the most amazing vegan and sustainable deserts! CHECK THEM OUT!

I also found vegan cat food which really excited me! I've always felt strange buying tinned meat for my kitten, so I am super excited about this!! The food is developed by Sandy Anderson to provide the most nutritious alternative to meat based pet food. For more information EMAIL her or VISIT her web site if you are interested.

These are some awesome singlets made from organic cotton which support animal rights from Peace For Animals Too!

And fell in love with these delicious vegan cheesecakes from RubyFruit, a boutique bakery in the Blue Mountains! More infomation HERE!

Talk about a fantastic Sunday!

:) Xx Yasmine

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Susanne said...

it's a sort of post you dont want to read when you're hungry, haha

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