Monday, November 22


Location: Cat Protection Society, Sydney

I want to dedicate this post to my beautiful kitten Sooki who was sadly hit by a car more than a year ago. I was also unlucky enough to loose all of Sooki’s photos because I never used to back up my photo files. Although I can't show you how beautiful she was, I can guarantee that she defiantly had one of the most flamboyant personalities and I miss her dearly. Since, I’ve wanted to adopt another kitten but I’ve been travelling too much that adopting is out of the question.

The Cat Protection Society has a GREAT solution to this problem, foster caring! As the weather warms up and we jump into kitten season, the number of beds at the Cat Protection Society becomes stretched. Foster caring is an ingenious way to keep things running smoothly! AND It lets people like myself have a fluff ball to love, no strings attached!!

When litters of kittens, or mothers who are about to give birth come into the Cat Protection Society they need to be looked after until they are old enough to be desexed. Kittens can become pregnant as young as four months! This is a huge strain on a kitten and does nothing to control the booming population of cats who already do not have a home. To prevent such accidents the Cat Protection Society keeps the kittens until they are old enough to be desexed.

Foster caring is very simple and aside from love and care, you do not have any obligations to the kittens. The Cat protection society even provides food, kitty litter and bedding! All you need is a quite secure room and be willing to invest your time and your emotional energy for raising the kitties! Although you need to think about foster caring seriously before you commit, the guys from the Cat Protection society are very non judgmental and will not hold it against you if you discover that foster caring is not for you. That said, the Cat Protection society will come to your house to make sure that your living arrangements are suitable.

for more information click HERE

I hope that everyone has a great week ahead of them! I am very busy at the moment but will try and post another Cat Protection Society post in a couple of days!  Xx Yas


Angela said...

It broke my heart to hear about your little Sooki, I also lost a kitty recently. It is horrific. Fostering cats would turn me into a crazy cat lady, I could never give them back!
Ang xxx

Anonymous said...

cats are one of my favorite animals :)
some *love* for you!
stop by sometime, xx natalie

Adrenaline said...

Awww! Is that kitten the one you're fostering?
He's adorable! And the picture is beautiful, the colors, lighting and blurriness are perfect. :)

(funny I was looking into fostering a few weeks ago. I was actually wondering, isnt it hard to let go of an animal you've cared and loved? )

purplegrape. said...

Hey Adrenaline,

I wish I was fostering Dear oliver, The house that I'm living in right now has three cats already!! so fostering isn't an option. But it's defiantly something that I will do when I have the right apartment/house and am traveling!

I think it will be so difficult to let go, but better to have loved than never to love at all, right? If you end up fostering and your up for it I would love to see some snaps :)

thanks for reading my blog
Xx Yas

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