Wednesday, November 17


Location: Cat Protection Society, Sydney

Yesterday I had the honour of being shown around the Cat Protection Society in Sydney. Kristina Vesk took time out of her busy day to explain how the organization is run and maintained. The amount of love and affection at the Cat Protection society was overwhelming!

In this blog I want to share with you the dedication that some people give to animals.  So, over the next few weeks I will be writing a few entries about the Cat Protection Society (as the amount of information is too overwhelming for a single post!!).  This post will introduce the society and the infamous Brady bunch that is currently living at the shelter!

   Kristina with feisty little Oliver

First of all, the Cat Protection Society is no kill. This means that unlike some shelters, the animals do not have a limited number of days to be adopted before they are not put down. In fact, the Cat Protection Society makes a point of visiting other shelters and rescuing those on death row! 

When a cat is brought into the society it is put into quarantine and monitored. This is so that diseases and parasites such as ringworm do not spread and harm other cats in residence. When we were taken through the center there were numerous ‘stations’ where we sterilized our hands. This prevents cats with different health conditions coming into contact with one another.

 A Brady , in isolation being treated.

The cats that come into the Cat Protection Society come from all walks of life. Some are strays found on the streets when they become ill, others are simply abandoned when their owners can’t decide what to do when they go on holiday. A large proportion come from the elderly who simply cannot look after their pets any more OR have health conditions preventing them from looking after their cat. 

Recently, the Cat protection society rescued 20 cats taken from someone who had developed dementia. The cats had begun in-breeding and were running havoc. The great thing about the Cat Protection Society is their non-judgmental attitude. They realise that animal abuse is not always intentional, and prefer people to reach out and admit they are struggling. If you know anyone who might not realies they are harming their pets, please call the cat protection society! (+612 9557 4818)

I fell in love with the Brady Bunch. These stunning creatures are all Turkish Vans, a beautiful and playful breed. They are currently being treated and a few are already up for adoption!! 

The Cat Protection Society is located at 103 Enmore rd in Newtown. The people are absolutely wonderful and I would highly recommend stopping by if you get the chance!! Check out their website HERE

More to come on the Cat Protection Society… on Foster caring, the residence, Op shopping for cats and Michael Snape!

Till then Xx Yas

PS: A special thanks to Tessa who has been helping me take photos throughout my blog =)


Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

What a beautiful post. I am the biggest cat lover ever and loved hearing about this place ant it's no kill policy.

christie said...

I loved this post so much!!! I simply adore cats ! xxx

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