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Okay, So recently a friend of mine questioned my opinion of mock meat and fake leather. This is a tricky subject and I feel like there is no right or wrong answer to this question.

On the one hand, people think that ‘mock’ products are as bad as the real thing because you are sending out a message that the item (whether it be the ‘look’ or the flavor) is desirable. On the other hand why shouldn’t we eat or wear something we like the look or taste of…  so long as there has been no suffering?

Personally, I don’t have a problem with mock products or wearing fake leather. I feel that so many people in Australia wear fake leather (mostly because it’s cheaper) and that most people would assume I'm wearing pleather. It’s a very tricky subject and I’m sure that not everyone will agree with me.

On the topic of mock meat, I don’t usually enjoy dishes made of mock meat. However I have no objections to people eating it. If you like the taste of meat but don’t want to support the industry, then by all means enjoy what is available. Sometimes it’s a novelty to enjoy mock meat with your non veggie friends! So last night I enjoyed a wonderful “fake it ’  night out with my bestie Tessa! We ate at Vegetarian restaurant Bodhi Bar (next to Saint Mary’s cathedral in the city).  

Towards the end of the night, I became so caught up in the mock theme… I started nibbling at my pleather handbag!! Or perhaps it was the vegan wine that got to my head…
We ate mock peaking duck, mock pork buns and an assortment of veggie dumplings!

What is your opinion; do you fake it or leave it??

Xx Yas


Anonymous said...

Hey I just found your blog and I love it!

The question of mock meat is one that my boyfriend and I talk about a lot (both veggies. tried vegan but we like cheese too much...). I think the biggest problem with mock meat is the excessive processing that goes into food. Although I became vegetarian for animal reasons 7 years later I have become heavily involved in environmental activism and the energy use and waste involved with processed foods is very environmentally irresponsible. In that respect, are "chick'n" nugget" or fake corn dogs any better than spam? There is also the uncertainty over the health effects of soy (it mimics estrogen and also blocks nutrient intake) and the environmental effects (for american consumers, soy comes from huge industrial farms, for europeans it often comes from the rainforest) to consider. Overall I think learning to cook with veggies is much more healthy, creative, and responsible!

- Lorraine

purplegrape. said...

Hey Lorraine!

Thanks for stopping by on my blog! I've been thinking about the things you've said and I completely agree with you!! I try to stay away from soy by drinking almond milk (self made!) and temphe instead of estrogen mimicking tofu.

I usually don't enjoy mock foods so much and agree that they are not very economical or environment friendly. But I also think that for a special occasion and as a novelty food it can be a bit of fun!

But I defiantly LOVE veggies veggies and more VEGGIES!! and feel that the more organic (and local) veggie's people eat the better for animals, environment and people's health too!!

Thanks for your great comment :)

Xx Yas

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