Wednesday, October 27


Location: My Kitchen!

One of my friends suggested that I write a post on my cooking since a lot of people think vegetarian food is boring or bland. I've never had a problem with this as I love finding strange ingredients and experimenting!

At the markets I found an unusual mushroom called Bai Ling. It was wrapped in paper and looked a bit like a slimy lump of cheese. The guy who sold it to me suggested that I cook it in vegetarian stirfry sause. Excited about this new mushroom, I decided that tonight I would instigate a mushroom adventure!

I decided to make:
  • Bai Ling sautéed in vegetarian sauce with asparagus
  • Garlic & basil button mushroom skewers
  • Grilled field mushrooms marinated in truffle oil and balsamic vinegar
First I marinated the Field Mushrooms in truffle oil and vinegar (which I set aside…)

Then I mixed together finely chopped garlic and basil in olive oil, which I used to coat the button mushrooms. I skewered them and put them aside to fry later.

Next, I sliced up the bai Ling which I put on a high heat with stirfry sauce. I tossed the Bai Ling for a while before adding the asparagus. Then the chaos began!! I started frying all three mushrooms in different pans. I added some roughly chopped Spanish onions to the mushroom skewers for a bit of extra flavor.

Here is the end result:

I managed to cook everything in under 20 minutes! And let me tell you, It was DELICIOUS!! The bai Ling mushroom had an interesting slick texture. The truffle oil Field Mushrooms were succulent (there really is no better word for it!) and the skewers perfectly cooked!

Everything was put together on a whim, and I was surprise how well things turned out!

Xx Yas

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Kim - Blonde Suburbia said...

Ummm I'm not even a vego..but Shrooms are my most favourite! Have to try these out I also have Garlic mushroom on toast soo yummy!!!

Just found your blog thanks to shrooms god knows how but either way I love it!

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