Saturday, October 23


Location: Coogee, Sydney

Before the weather turned nasty I went to visit my friend Tessa (who refused to be photographed!) but you can see her shadow … The day was hot and splendid! We ran into our favorite friend Droolie,
 the beautiful cat pictured above and below. We call him Droolie because in winter we always see him running around with the flu. He has a gorgeous personality and always wants to cuddle us! So after bumping into him I felt an obligation to include him in this blog. We presume that he is a stray because he roams the area and is a bit scrawny and disheveled. We are very attached to you dear Droolie!

This week I’ve been busy shooting and blabbering to people about ideas for my blog. Believe it or not, I worked with a gorgeous makeup artist who has been Vegetarian for 16 years! Next week we will be going out to lunch and she has agreed to talk to me about her views on animal rights and her lifestyle choices!

I cant wait!!

 Xx Yas

1 comment:

Angela said...

Nawww, Droolie is cute :)

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