Monday, October 25


Location: Altona Point Piper, Sydney

Me, Myself with Sarah Stephens wearing Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney’s range will launch in target THIS FRIDAY!! In my mind Stella McCartney is a revolutionary leader when it comes to combining fashion and animal welfare. She is one of my heroes and I truly admire her. To work for her label has been an ultimate dream of mine...

So, a couple of weeks ago I was thrilled when my agency called to let me know that I would be doing a ‘Secret Stella Show’.
No one knew who the next international designer for Target would be (although I did hear people mentioning that it was perhaps the worst kept secret in Sydney...). Guests who arrived were asked to guess whose fabulous garments we were wearing and the secret was (officially) exposed at the end of the night!

Complete with a vegetarian tea party!!!



A couple of days ago I shoot with photographer David Finnegan who happened to film the Stella launch for Vogue TV, He gave me this edit so that I could share the footage with you on this blog!! Thank you David!!!

I had  hoped to meet Stella at the launch, but alas! She had too many commitments in the UK and could not make the event. However, all the catering was vegetarian and everyone I spoke to revelled over Stella’s passion for animal rights! Stella really is such an inspiration to me.

Thank you Stella for bringing your collection to Australia!! Let the reaction be as crazy  as three years ago!

Xx Yasmine

Ps: All images were taken by Emma from – thank you Emma!


Claudia breathes like Lucy said...

wow! you're so lucky to have modelled for Stella! i am so incredibly jealous.
by the way, i love your blog its really fresh. come and follow me :)

purplegrape. said...

I felt so lucky too! your blog looks great :)


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