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~ Sasha shares her top 10 beauty and health secrets, VOGUE BEAUTY 

From the moment I saw her Prada adds in 2006, I developed my first ever girl crush: Sasha Pivovarova. My first boyfriend at the time will remember this quite clearly.... This Russian stunner is AMAZING!

Not only does she have an incredibly fierce personality that radiates through her editorials and campaigns (Prada, Armarni, Alberta Ferretti, Rag and Bone etc...) she is also a talented artist, very conscious of the being Eco friendly AND has been vegetarian since she was 12 years old!!! No wonder that I have a serious girl crush on this super woman!

This beauty and health interview comes from the March issue of Vogue Australia.  I need to share it with you! 

 1# Keep it Clean
"Cleansing is the basis of good skincare and helps avoid acne. I cleanse every morning and evening with an antibacterial soap and tonic from New York dermatologist Dr Orentrich. I also like Biotherm Biosource Hydra- Mineral Lotion Toning Water with balancing zine"

2# Hydrate
"I moisturize with Biotherm Aquasource, and the Aquasource Non-Stop Mask or SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. I love organic oils.I add a drop of rose, calendula or chamomile oil to my moisturizer."

3# Surround yourself with flowers
"I love flowers because they are part of nature you can bring home. I buy the in a pot to make them last longer."

4# Stress less
"I try to avoid stress. When a stressful situation arises I try to be solution-oriented and think positively. To relax I get massages and draw. My book of drawings is my diary where I reflect my everyday life, my mood, emotions and fantasies. I sketch the girls in shows backstage, a kitten lying in the sun, a garden full of magic creatures. When I create something I am in a moment and I forget about everything else."

5# Beauty begins inside
"my motto is be healthy, be beautiful. I try to eat only organic food from local farmers in upstate New York. For breakfast I'll have freshly squeezed orange juice to boost my energy, granola, fresh fruit or berries and a pure Chinese tea. Lunch is a hot soup and a big salad and dinner is fried potatoes with mushrooms. I love cauliflower cream soup."

6# Find a sport you love
"I love to do kung fu - it give me energy. I go to the USA Shaolin Temple in New York. I also do sh'i kung there, which is the art of creating energy essential for health, an inner power and a training of consciousness."

7# Feed your hair
"I take Viviscal hair vitamins for my hair and I use Aveda shampoo, conditioner and leave - in conditioner."

8# Keep make-up minimal
"My mother always told me not to wear make-up, because it clogs the pores. When I do wear make-up for events, I use YSL Touche Eclat, Armani foundation, a lash curler and Biotherm Levres Lip balm."

9# Beach yourself
"Before the craziness of fashion week begin I love going to the beach. My favourite beaches are at the Four Seasons Resort in Koh Samui, Thailand, and Harbor Island, Bahamas, for the pink sand. Bliss is drinking from a coconut on a beach while getting a massage."

10# Join the jet set
"I always fall asleep on planes. If I have a problem falling asleep I take out my lavender pillow. To me, a plane is like a teleportation chamer from a science-fiction movie - I close my eyes and open them in a different city."

~ My valentine
Xx Yas


STACY said...

they're all great tips!!
sasha is a freak of nature, too perfect.
vego too, I had no idea. another reason to love her :)

x Stace

purplegrape. said...

I know right!

Ps: your blog is great Stacy!

purplegrape. said...

I know right!

Ps: your blog is great Stacy!

Jo said...

She's vegetarian? Ah, happiness! x

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