Friday, April 29


~ Running around town, Sydney's Model Mayhem

So for those of you living in Sydney, you will be well aware that next week is Rosemount fashion week. This means a lot of running around for everyone: models, designers, casting directors and stylists included! This post is dedicated to my favorite spots to rest, revive and survive!

It's uber important to stay in shape over fashion week, but it's also a very difficult time to look after yourself. When I am doing fashion week the biggest challenge is not staying thin; it is staying healthy. Running between castings, fittings, and  hair or make up trials makes forgetting to eat all too easy. Another challenge is finding a place that serves vegan meals when you are on a tight schedule!  

Above: fellow veggie model: Sharah Elizabeth 
Vosper who blogs at Borrowed Jewel (Pricillas)

My favorite places are Iku wholefoods which is 100% vegan and is focused on being clean and nutritious. They are located all over Sydney. And the food is Fantastic! Make sure to try their tahini salad dressing! My only criticism is that chia tea costs 5$ a pop...

Another great place I discovered was Madam Char Char on Crown St, Surry Hills. Although this place is not exculsivly vegan, there are more vegan/ vegetarian selections than meat options! The service was also impeccable! This is deffiantly my favourite place to revive.  It's a nice chance to sit back, unwind and dig into:

quinoa with roast eggplant 
rocket& baby beet salad       
with a side of vegan coleslaw!


Of course it wouldn't be a week in my life without a stopping by China Town! Check out this stack of steamed eggplant!!

Good luck to all my fellow models who have quite big a week in store for them!! I've decided to keep a fashion week food and fashion diary, I will make sure to keep you all updated!

Xx Yas


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hey thanks Yasmine!

Look forward to reading about your meal posts, definitely is hard to be picky with food @work :/ Hope your week goes well! xxx

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Yas, wondering if you could please check this out

And sign the petition if you haven't already? Hope you're well? xxx

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