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Lady Gaga? Hussein Chalayan? the late Alexander McQueen?... 
The ocean inspires  more than fashion and art.

WASHED UP is an instillation by Selfridges to raise awareness of the dangers faced by our oceans. Inspired by coral confiscated from illegal trade, this beautifully crafted story is made of exquisite aquatic dresses,  intoxicating neo colors and bedazzled headpieces.

The ocean inspires  much mystique for us land dwellers; from the unusual textures, structure's, geometry , unusual flora to tales of Plato's Atlantic ocean city. The sometimes eerie alien depths of the deep water spark a curiosity, inspiring art and fashion.  The instillation includes pieces from Lady Gaga, Alexander McQueen, Hussein Chalayan and Philip Tracy.
Coral Quick Facts
      • A coral is an animal!
      • Coral spawn just once a year, always on the same night!
      • Baby corals have a sense of smell.
      • Corals have a skeleton made of rock
      • Corals are tiny animals, but together they can build up an entire island!
      • Reported oil spills account for a mere 5% of oil entering oceans each year
      • Last year Indonesia reported an export quote of 3.4 million coral colonies, some of these many be hundreds of years old. Used to make jewelry, decorations or sold as tourist items... it is very disruptive to an eco system.
Check out the instillation in the slide show bellow

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